Outdoor & Powertool Labels

Whether displaying your brand or providing critical information for a product’s safe use, labels for outdoor products play surprisingly important roles. Our approach to designing outdoor label materials is rooted in the job the labels have to do and the conditions they have to do it in. With that context in mind, we apply our pioneering technical excellence to ensure the labels deliver as long as the product does, sometimes beyond.

Weather Resistant - Waterproof Labels

Protection from the elements

Weatherproof labels have to stand up to the elements—maybe none more punishing than the sun.  We design the materials and laminates in our outdoor portfolio to be highly resistant to damaging UV rays as well as to weathering, humidity and ozone.

The right solution for the right job

When it comes to weather-resistant, water-resistant, or waterproof labels, one solution doesn’t fit all. The role of an outdoor label is crucial to its design. Working closely with customers and consumers to gain a deep understanding of how a label will be used allows us to provide solutions with just the right durability and functionality.

PVC Films

Customer-Ready™ Durables Portfolio

Select Solutions™ Outdoor Overlaminate Portfolio (ASEAN)

Select Solutions™ Outdoor Overlaminate Portfolio (South Asia)

Case Study

Weathering the Outdoors


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